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2022’s Home Trends

2022’s Home Trends

2022’s Home Trends

Comfortable and calm, energizing and inspiring, safe and healthy— these are some of 2022’s home trends according to Zillow— a home where owners can flourish. 

With people looking for a new beginning in the wake of the lifestyle changes brought upon us from Covid-19, the first place to make lasting changes will be the home. Whether they stayed in their homes or moved during the pandemic, homeowners have been investing in their living spaces and redesigning it around their way of life.

“The pandemic forced a lot of people to reevaluate what’s most important in their lives and in their homes,” says Zillow home trends expert Amanda Pendleton. “For many, 2022 is the moment to start living those values. That could be investing in sustainable home features, designing a space with well-being in mind or leaning into comfort and function over high style.”

Combining housing market data and analyses, Zillow has identified the top seven home trends that are coming in 2022:

Earth and Natural Tones

Small changes can have a big impact. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can greatly transform a room. People are looking to find peace through color. Natural colors such as greens, blues, taupes, and browns will be top picks for those looking to channel Mother Earth. Behr’s color of the year for 2022 is a silvery-green shade evoking sea glass that has washed ashore of ocean beaches, called Breezeway.

Buyers, both looking and recent, have been finding calm in color associated with water and sky. Zillow’s analysis found homes with light blue bathrooms can potentially sell for 1.6% more, or about $5000. Meanwhile, moodier blues in bedrooms can add up to $1,500 to a sale.

Eco Friendly Sustainability

Environmental and often cost-efficient is a pretty solid combination. Given that millennials and Gen Zs are drawn to businesses that are green, it stands to reason they too would want that in their homes. Zillow finds that listings mentioning “eco,” “energy efficient,” and other like-minded terms have sold at least two days faster than expected. Listings featuring drought-resistant aspects sold on average thirteen days faster. Smart sprinkler systems and double pane windows sold homes over a week quicker than expected.

Retro Is In

With a pandemic-affected supply chain issue, it’s no wonder that homeowners are turning to secondhand furniture and decor to style their homes. Everything ‘90s is back again, bleeding in from fashion into home design. Younger homeowners are finding comfort in design trends they grew up with, but with a modern twist. Faux paint finishes are being elevated to plaster finishes, wallpaper with geometric patterns. and all-wood kitchens are in again, albeit with white oak replacing cherry wood in said kitchens.

Comfy Homes

People are home a lot these days. Consequently, comfort is king. Rather than going with what looks good, the priority will become what feels good. Curved couches with rounded corners and fabric upholstery in lieu of leather, ottomans will replace stiff, rigid coffee tables, and accent chairs will get cozier and hug the body.

Renovation Station

2022’s home trends say the time to redo rooms is nigh. A survey of homeowners discovered nearly 75% would consider at least one home improvement project next year. Almost a third would add or improve an office space (31%); finishing a basement or attic (23%); adding another room (23%); and creating an additional dwelling unit, like a backyard cottage or guest house (21%).

People will have to be adaptable, given the supply and labor shortages that may alter plans. Owners may take on the work themselves learning and executing in a DIY way, even simpler improvements, such as turning a garage into home gyms, sheds into home offices, or repurposing a closet into an office, which have been referred to as “cloffices.”

At-Home Zen

The last couple years and counting have definitely taken their toll on everyone’s mental state, which will be addressed with homes that introduce dedicated spaces for meditation, reflection, reading, and spa-inspired bathroom escapes. At-home getaways like “she-sheds” can help boost a home’s sale price by 2.2% and a freestanding bathtub can add a 2.6% premium. Natural light, especially in a home office and common areas and indoor plants will continue to gain popular in home trends due to their relaxing properties.

Something for Our Furry Friends

Zillow found that homeowners will keep their best furry pals in mind when it comes to design plans. With almost three quarters— 73% of surveyed home buyers— reporting owning at least one pet at home, it stands to reason that these best friends will be a factor when it comes to renovating. Homes with dog houses or fenced-in yards or dog runs sold faster than homes lacking those elements, says Zillow. Look for custom feeding stations, built-in bed beds, and even pet playrooms to be added to homes in 2022’s home trends.